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Danish-born Philip Ask Zeplin-Frederiksen is the Founder of NovelConcept and a leading SEO consultant at iProspect, one of the world’s largest SEO and online marketing companies. He is also the creator of the popular Rankify YouTube Course.

With over five years’ experience in his field, Philip now specializes in YouTube search engine optimization after recognizing the need to understand and augment SEO across YouTube, the world’s second most popular search engine (2014). His work focuses on analytics, visibility optimization and strategy development to increase web traffic to websites and YouTube channels. 

Philip not only knows the best methods for SEO but also uses his instincts and experience to evaluate the most appropriate ways to do so that complement the intended business or channel. This ensures personalized action-plans are designed, resulting better Google rankings and improving the user experience across many web platforms without anyone compromising on their integrity. He is also experienced in analytics and able to create reports and analysis to use for ongoing marketing strategies, and produce presentation material including pitches for new businesses.

As an authority across this field, his expertise and insight continues to be sought by many high profile companies across the world. While at iProspect, Philip has worked with clients such as; Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Oreo, Coca-Cola, Maersk Line, Huawei, Pernod Ricard, Vestas, Opel, Scandinavian Airlines, Grundfos Pumps, and more.

His knowledge is born from a passion for marketing and a keen interest in understanding SEO. Alongside his work applying strategies for YouTube, Philip is also a talented content creator and is able to produce high-quality YouTube seminars and Workshops. Philip’s personal YouTube story began in 2007, and for the last decade has produced content that includes videos about design, Japan and Tokyo, vlogging – and beyond. His channels have generated in excess of an impressive three million views.

An alumni of the prestigious Danish Design School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design – where he received his Master’s Degree – Philip has merged his experience of producing and growing his personal YouTube channels with his interest in SEO to spend five months creating the Rankify YouTube Course.  The course successfully taught channels to reach their full potential using ethical practices that increase views and lead generation through an intelligent, enhanced use of SEO while being sold in 2014.

By combining a natural interest and aptitude for marketing and SEO with his Arts education, Philip’s professionalism and accomplishments in sustainable search engine optimisation are a tribute to his key technological knowledge paired with his inquisitive, innovative mind.