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[August 6th 2013]                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

New online courses to help people reap the YouTube rewards

Mastering the art of social media and growing global reach just got a whole lot easier thanks to the launch of a series of online courses aimed at helping people maximise the SEO benefits of YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

Rankify YouTube has been developed by Novel Concept to help users boost organic traffic to their websites through video SEO by providing insights into how get more views, comments and subscribers and remain at the top of search engine rankings.

Company founder, Philip Zeplin, said: “YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and because there’s so much content, it’s getting harder and harder to be seen and to generate interaction with other users.

“But if people can get it right and know exactly how to use it to their advantage and manipulate it to help with their SEO efforts, the results can be truly astonishing.”

In just one instance, a YouTube user was able to achieve a 4000% increase in views after they complete the online training course and put the recommended methods into practice. Because the user knew how to research keywords, optimize titles, tags, descriptions, annotations and video replies, they were able to sit back and watch their views grow almost instantly and much faster than would be achieved using other methods such as AdWords, according to Philip.

He added: “SEO is here to stay and people who don’t understand it or who don’t know how to get the most out of it are really missing out. YouTube is just one of many fiercely competitive social media networks, so knowing how to achieve page one rankings and remain there is essential to those people relying on social media activity to boost their online presence and grow traffic to their websites.

“There really is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on Virool or AdWord campaigns – being a bit more savvy when it comes to your videos and how to optimize these for the web will get the results you need quickly. All you need to do is complete the quick course, gain all of the insights from my own YouTube successes, and implement these yourself when uploading your own YouTube videos.”

Philip has a proven track record in transforming YouTube views, having gone from two to over 80 views a day and achieving over 120,000 views for a single video. He now wants to use his own experiences to help others get more from their YouTube experience.

“It’s like anything else – once you know how to do it it’s really easy and you’ll wish you’d taken the time to learn more about it a lot sooner. People who’ve already completed the course are now optimizing each and every video they upload and seeing the views increase dramatically. And the beauty is that you don’t need a global company’s budget to do it, just a little bit of time.”

More information on the beginners and advanced courses can be viewed via this YouTube video.



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