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Setting up a channel

Setting up a channel to track with Rankify Analytics is easy.

Click on the “Add a channel” button in the top right corner of your screen, and select “Manage Channels”.

There, you can paste in the ID of any YouTube channel, and it will be set up for tracking. Since Rankify Analytics pulls data directly from the standard YouTube API, this does not need to be a channel that you own – however, certain features that require direct access to the Analytics of the channel, such as the Subscriber Views module, requires that you can Authenticate it.

Once you have pasted in your channel ID, simply click “Add channel” and you’re good to go!

Depending on your subscription model, you can track as many different channels as you want.


Importing tags as keywords

Selecting “Import top 200 most used tags as keywords”, goes through all the videos on your channel, collects the tags for all of them, and sees which 200 tags are most used. Those unique 200 tags are then automatically added to the tracking modules as keywords. Please note that using this option may take a few minutes.


Finding a channels ID

Channel ID looks something like this: UCl2aT0nRejTCQO_LHZAftBw

To find this, simply go to a YouTube channel, and click on any of the channels videos. Once on the video page, click the channel name under the video. Once you are taken back to the YouTube channel, the URL will now have changed to something like this:

The last bit of the URL, bolded out here, is the channel ID.


Removing Channels

To remove a channel, click on the channel name in the top right corner to open the dropdown.

Then click on “Manage Channels”. Once there, simply click “Delete” next to the channel in your list that you wish to remove. Note that this permanently deletes all data associated with that specific channel, including all the keywords that were tracked for that channel.


Changing channels

To switch between different channels in Rankify, click on click on the channel name in the top right corner to open the dropdown. Then click on “Change Channels”. There you will get a list tracked channels, and you simply need to choose the one you want to work on.


My Profile

Under the top right menu, you can also click on “My Profile”.

There you can view, manage and update/change your personal information as well as subscription.

To view or cancel your subscription, click on “Subscriptions” to the left. Then click on the “View” button, next to your subscription. On the next page, you will be given the option of cancelling your subscription. Please note that this will delete all data in your Rankify Analytics account!

The tab called “Orders” keeps track of your individual orders.

To change email or password, click on “Account Details”.

If you need to change your billing address, simply click on “Addresses”.