The Calendar Module

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The Calendar Module

Rankify Analytics also include a basic calendar module that helps you keep track of planned, or performed, activities on a channel. This is particularly helpful if you’re working with multiple channels, either as a YouTuber or as an agency, and need to have an overview of planned activities across multiple channel entities.

The calendar module lets you easily add or remove tasks to a normal calendar, as well as easily drag them out to take up multiple days, and notifies you when logged in on what activities are planned for that day.

These are added for the specific account that you’re logged into at the moment on Rankify, but will show up for the day, as well as in the calendar, no matter what account you’re logged into after they have been added.

To easily distinguish between what account a specific calendar note is about, each note gets added along with the Profile picture of that specific YouTube account.

Any note in your calendar includes a title as well as a description, and the dates for which it’s valid.


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