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The Clickability Module

Based on your Keyword Groups and individual video rankings, Rankify Analytics calculates the likelihood of someone clicking on your YouTube video for any of the keywords in that specific group.

Clickability tracks all videos you have ranking for a keyword – that means that it also gives you an overview of the positive results of having more than 1 video rank for a specific keyword. After all, if you rank both #2, #5, and #7, you have a much higher chance of someone clicking on one of your videos in the search result, than if you only ranked #2 alone. This positive effect however, is often not reflected correctly if you are only looking at your keyword rankings.

Additionally, Clickability is well suited to help with Competitor Analysis, as it also gives the likelihood of anyone clicking on any of the other Top 10 competitors for keywords found in your keyword group.

Rankify Analytics Clickability Overview

We do this by using existing data gathered over the years from Google, where we know the likelihood of someone clicking on a specific webpage, depending on the rank of that specific page in the specific search result.

Since YouTube varies a little compared to Google, and thumbnails have a bigger influence on a click, this data has been tailored to fit YouTube better.

Clickability does not need an authenticated channel to be used, as it is based solely on the rankings and keywords gathered for any channel that is set up to be tracked.


How to use Clickability

Clickability is automatically running in the background, the second you have any kind of keywords tracked for a channel that are set up in a Keyword Group, and is updated once a week.

You will have a historical graph at the top of the page, that shows you your total Clickability Score based on all your keyword groups collectively over time.

Each pie chart is named after your Keyword Groups, with the name of your channel bolded out in green. The chart shows the percentage of clicks that any of your videos are likely to get, from any searches performed for any keyword in that group.

Rankify Analytics Clickability Chart

You can click on the text, at the top, that says “Click to View Chart” to get a historical overview of how your score has changed since it started being tracked.

Historic Clickability Data Graph

You can also click on your channel name in the graph, and get an overview of all the videos from your channel, that contribute to this specific Clickability score.

Clickability Video Overview

Last, you can click the small  icon  to the top right, and download the chart in a variety of formats.


Using Clickability for Competitor Analysis

Clickability is also great for finding out who your main YouTube competitor channels are. Clickability automatically tracks the Top 10 other channels that are most likely to receive any clicks in your keyword group, giving you an easy overview of what other channels have videos competing for those specific keywords.

If there are other channels that are much more likely to receive clicks than your own, you should consider adding that channel to be tracked and import their most used tags as keywords, as well as make sure you have a similar keyword group set up with the same tracked keywords as your original Clickability group.

Once you have done that, you can get exact information on what videos they have that are outperforming yours, whether they have a lot of videos ranking for one specific keyword, or whether they simply have 1 high ranking video for each different keyword in the group.

If you wanted to dive even deeper into their channel, you could also perform an analysis of it using the DeepDive module.


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