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The YouTube Video SEO Module

The SEO module helps you out when comes writing optimized titles, descriptions, and tags for your videos, whether you have already written it or not.

Rankify Analytics YouTube SEO

Via the work done with the Ranking Factor Analysis of 2016, as well as the SEO workshops based on newer data at VidCon, we now have a fairly good idea of what metrics are important to YouTube from a search algorithm perspective.

By understanding the Relevancy algorithm behind YouTubes search algorithm, Rankify can automatically give you feedback on the meta data of your YouTube video, and tell you what parts are well written and what parts still need improvement.


How to use the SEO module

The SEO module is simple and easy to use, and all you need to know beforehand is your chosen keyword for your YouTube video.

Once you’re on the module page, you will see 3 main boxes: Title, Description, and Tags. Each box has a short written guide of best practices beneath it.

Write out all the details for your YouTube, or paste them, and then enter a keyword in the “Type keyword” box to the right.

Once you have done that, simply click “Analyse Text”, and Rankify will go through what you have written, and give you a score and various pointers.


Video Native Score

Native Score is calculated based on the data that was collected during the Ranking Factors 2016 report, and later updated in 2017.

The higher the score, the better the inherent metrics of that video are considered for SEO. These metrics include Watch Time, Viewer Retention, various forms of Engagement, and more. These are calculated together to provide you with an overview of which videos have the strongest “ranking potential”.

The list is usually used to figure out which videos on a channel to start optimizing first, if there’s a large backlog of un-optimized videos, or if you continually upload many videos and don’t have time to optimise all of them.


Importing video metadata and Implementing changes

In the Native Score list, you can click on “Import video metadata”. Doing so will automatically fill out the top fields (Title, Description, Tags) of the SEO module with the existing text from the video.

You can then edit the text, and check for input by inputting and analysing a keyword.

Once you have a finished text that you’re happy with, you can click on “Implement Changes”. This will take all the text (no matter what, so be careful!) in the fields, and use that text to overwrite your existing title, description and tags of your video – automatically implementing the changes you made.


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