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The Subscriber Views Module

The subscribers you have on your YouTube channel are your most vital viewers. They are your most dedicated fans, the ones most likely to share your videos with others, and it has been proven that algorithmically they help determine how many views your video will get over its lifetime.

Because of that, it is also of vital important that you make sure that the content that you put up on your channel, is also content that your subscribers will love.

Many channels end up stagnating, because they start uploading content that is popular on other channels, but is not suited for their current subscriber base. Because of this, they may continually gain new subscribers, but not get any more views on their videos because their current subscribers do not like watching the content, and this is where the Subscriber Views module comes in to help you.

Rankify Analytics Subscriber Views module Overview

How the Subscriber Views module works

The module automatically gathers information on each of your videos, per week, on how many views the video has gotten from people who are also subscribed to your channel – additionally, it also tells you how many hours of watch time those views have resulted in, as well as the retention of those specific views.

The collective numbers for all your videos – views, average retention, and watch time from your subscribers for all your videos in total – are shown in a graph at the top of the page. You can focus on specific dates on the graph, simply by clicking and pulling your mouse across the graph in the date area what you are interested in, and it will automatically zoom in.

You can choose to view all 3 metrics (views, retention, watch time) all together with an overlay, or choose only one, or two, of them to be presented in the graph by clicking on the buttons below it.

Rankify Analytics Subscriber Views details

The list of videos can be sorted by any of these metrics, and you can choose to only include views gotten within the last week, month, year, or the lifetime of the video.

Rankify Analytics Subscriber Views module data


How to use the data

By sorting and analysing the data presented, you are given insight into how your channel subscribers engage with the content that you upload, and what content was popular and performed well, and what content may have gotten you views but was generally not enjoyed.

For instance, sorting the data allows you to identify videos that had a title and thumbnail that were interesting to subscribers (indicated by the amount of views gotten), what videos your subscribers were most engaged with (by the average retention from your subscribers), as well as what videos resulted in your subscribers contributing the most watch time.

If you see a video with high subscriber retention, but low views, it may well indicate that the title and thumbnail for the video was not inviting to your subscribers, even though the content was well suited for the ones that went to the video.

A video with high views but low retention, shows that the title and thumbnail were great to get your subscribers to view the video, but that it was either too long, or generally not interesting, making your subscribers quickly leave the video again.

High view counts, as well as good retention, but low watch time indicates that your subscribers were interested and enjoyed the content, but that the video wasn’t long enough to garner high watch time, which is important in other parts of the YouTube algorithm – a missed opportunity.


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