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Philip is available for consulting work, either on an hourly or long-term basis.

10 years of experience working with over 50 different YouTube channels – from major brands to small up-start YouTubers.

Large network of marketers, copywriters, artists and advertisers to cover all areas.

Qualifications can be found on the About page.

Please get in touch via the Contact page.


– Workshops and Seminars
Need someone to teach you, or your company, about how to get the most out of YouTube? I’ve done countless of these over the years, from TV networks to VidCon. Workshops and seminars can be done face-to-face, or over Skype, and typically last around 3 hours depending on details.

YouTube Algorithm
Everything from optimizing videos for search, all the way to helping your subscribers receive your videos. The YouTube algorithm determines a lot on the platform, and without proper insight and knowledge it can be difficult to know what you do right or wrong. Lucky for you, I have worked specifically with “hacking” the YouTube algorithm for close to 10 years.

YouTube Analytics
Analytics is often an overlooked key tool in growing any YouTube channel, and holds valuable information on how your subscribers receive your content, how it’s enjoyed, platforms, retention, revenue, and much more. I’ve worked with YouTube and Google Analytics for close to 10 years and have also developed my own analytics software.

Industry and Competitor Analysis
Giving you insight into certain industries on YouTube, and finding and analysing your competitor channels. I have access to unique tools and knowledge, being able to give you unique insight into the area you’re operating within on YouTube.

YouTube Content Analysis and Strategy
Different platforms require different types of content, set up in ways that are unique to the users of that sphere. I can help you with analysing current content, as well as set up strategies for the future.

Need something else? Get in touch and let’s talk!

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